3 Simple Beauty Tips For Lips
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  • June 1st, 2015
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3 Simple Beauty Tips For Lips

Argan oil(Read more), sometimes called Moroccan oil, is the most valuable part of the argan tree. After extracting from the kernels of the fresh fruit, it is used as a softener, conditioner and treatment for skin or hair.

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Because of the considerable amounts of helpful nutritional elements for example vitamin E and fatty acids of argan oil, it offers many excellent effects when it is applied in the right way. It is used as a moisturiser for hair and skin by many people because its proved moisturising effect.

The Argan Oil and Honey Mixture

Using honey can rebuild the wetness that the lips require. A lot of women make use of it as a natural yet great lips balm. Remember not to ever lick nor rinse the mixture after using argan oil together with honey on the lips directly.

Argan Oil, Almond Mixture

This process has a very efficacy which has been proven by us. First make a scrub using almond powder, then put it on to wet lips and rub softly. It can help to smoothen the lips while eliminating dead skin. Don’t forget to wash the extra from the lips with water. After rinsing, massage one or two drops of argan oil into the lips together with some sweet almond oil. Make sure to distribute it to cover the whole skin surface of lips.

The aloe Gel, Argan Oil Combination

Due to the good properties of boosting collagen production and natural elastin, Aloe vera helps it be as an excellent transmitting carrier for argan oil. aloe also has the capability to strip water vapour through the air around it. This will make it a great hygroscopic item.

If you wish to take advantage of this good natural property and cure dry, chapped lips, just add some Aloe vera gel to your lips and leave it on for around 30 mins before massaging 1 or 2 drops of Argan oil to lock in the dampness. It’s a good idea to achieve this treatment twice per week. Learn more uses of argan oil on lips: Top 10 All-Natural Ways to Use Argan Oil on Lips.

This is an important thing you must know prior to using argan oil on your skin.

As we mentioned above, using argan oil really helps to treat, heal, diagnose and give a wide berth to different skin disease like eczema. But there are some people getting allergies that are known as nut allergy when using argan oil as it is obtained from the nut of the fruit of argan tree. So it is better to ask your doctor for guidelines before using it.

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