3 Simple Beauty Tips For Lips
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  • May 23rd, 2015
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3 Simple Beauty Tips For Lips

Many people in North Africa have been using argan oil for a very long time, and they also get different good advantages from using this oil in the dieting. But plenty of people in other countries did not recognize the exceptional advantages of this oil before, and it is only recently that they’re getting to recognize more about this.

Argan oil is extracted from the fresh fruit of the argan tree which is merely present in Morocco. Why Argan trees are protected by UNECO makes this oil actually very uncommon.

Due to its uncommon property, argan oil is only available from some beauty shops and also quite pricey. The Berber in Morocco consumes around 15 hours making merely a liter of this oil.

It is an excellent hairstyling item to smooth and shine hair.

Argan oil is a great hair styling agent used commonly, since it is able to manage frizzy hair and shine the hair. It can add a beautiful shine, healthy shine to any hairdo and also make hair controllable when using it each day.

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After blow-drying the hair, do that process to better the health of hair. Add some drops of argan oil on the palms of the hands, massage it over and then comb through the hair with the fingers to apply.

Condition the hair

It is proven that argan oil can make hair shinier, silkier and gentler. It is an outstanding hair conditioner item which can tame frizzy hair and reduce split ends of hair.

It is really simple to use argan oil to condition the hair. Due to the fact there are some types of products and applications containing it in different pureness, there are different results when using them in different methods. A different post about caring hair with argan oil is actually for who want to get knowledge of hair treatment.

It is a great option to use argan oil during pregnancy.

After birth, various women have the issues of puckered, sagging skin and stretch marks that can be avoided by using argan oil. Due to the fact that argan oil consists of vitamin E, the suppleness of the skin will increase.

Massaging a small amount of argan oil into thighs, bottom, tummy and bust during pregnancy daily can prevent it from unsightly stretch marks. During pregnancy, it is recommended to use argan oil to keep hair and skin hydrated, silky and healthy.

This is an important thing you need to know before using argan oil on the skin.

Through the help of argan oil, most of skin diseases will probably strike us anymore. Nonetheless, you might get an allergy when utilizing it as it is one type of nut oils which often cause a nut allergy. So make sure to make a test on the skin when utilizing it on a larger skin area.

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